Gowanda. Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

Our Team

Meet our team of extraordinary professionals who work diligently to ensure your loved ones are safe, treated with dignity, and attain and maintain the highest level of practical living.  Our goal is to not only provide unsurpassed service, but we want our residents to enjoy the highest level of practical well-being.  We’re sure you’ll agree with the many doctors, residents, and families who say our team is top-notch!

Josh Eisen, Administrator

Anna Maria Salamon, Director of Nursing

Helen Lee, Assistant Director of Nursing

David Atwood, Admissions Director

Mitch De Guzman, Director of Rehabilitation

Ashley Hutchinson, Social Services Director

Cheryl Gursky, RNAC

David Gerstlauer, Director of Nutrition Services

Nancy Rucco, Director of Staff Development

Tina Klein, Director of Human Resources

Ed Simmons, Maintenance Director

Lisa Lorusso, Activities Director

Suzanne Manca, Dietician

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